Meet Mario and Paola Martinez

1. Tell me a little about yourself, first. Your background. Your family. What 
 you enjoy doing the most. Your education, etc. 

 Mario and Paola Martinez, age 32. 

 We serve as Special Project Coordinators for the Marriage Initiative at the 
 Diocese of San Bernardino. 

 We have been married for almost 5 years and have two beautiful kids; a 3 year 
 old daughter and a 9 month old baby boy. 

 We have been active members at St. George Parish in Ontario, California for over 
 ten years serving joyfully as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, in the Finance 
 Council, and as Prayer Group leaders. We are fulfilled through our service to 
 God in all these areas, but find the most joy in working with families and 
 married couples. We enjoy serving as guest speakers for a variety of events 
 throughout the Diocese of San Bernardino, which include youth vocation events, 
 parent summits, and marriage events among some. We love teaching communication 
 skills classes to couples, because we have seen how their lives are transformed 
 in a positive way! We are also passionate about teaching youth about the 
 importance of preparing for their future vocation TODAY. We were blessed to 
 really prepare prior to getting married, by reading, taking classes, asking 
 married couples questions, etc. and that has served as a solid foundation for 
 our life together. 

 We have a combined educational background in Psychology and Sociology. Paola 
 received her B.A. double majoring in Spanish and Sociology from the University 
 of California Riverside. Mario received a B.S. in Psychology from the 
 University of La Verne and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Applied 
 Psychology with a concentration in community settings, at Sacred Heart 

 2. What are you doing within the Grant that you received from HRC? What 
 curricula are you trained in? 

 We coordinate, promote, and teach various communication skills classes 
 throughout the Diocese. We are licensed to teach various programs such as 
 Mastering the Mysteries of Love, PAIRS Essentials, and PAIRS for PEERS. 
 The HRC Grant has helped us provide numerous classes and reach a large number of 

 3, Brag about your successes...the numbers served and with which curricula. 

 The Diocese of San Bernardino works in partnership with 93 parishes in the 
 Riverside and San Bernardino counties of California. With the diversity of 
 classes being offered, countless people from different backgrounds have 
 discovered new ways of communicating; youth, singles, engaged, married, empty 
 nesters, troubled marriages, pastors, deacons, professors, mom’s, dad’s…and many 
 others. We have (and will) primarily focus on serving low-income 
 parishes/sites. So far this year we have hosted over 20 communication skills 
 workshops and served over 500 individuals in our Diocese with the Mastering the 
 Mysteries of Love, PAIRS, World Class Marriage, and Ready for Love curriculums. 

 4. Do you have any quotes from participants? If so, please include your 

 Our favorite quote is from a couple that attended one of our first 
 communication/relationship skills classes a couple of years ago. They had been 
 active leaders of the Diocesan Hispanic Marriage Encounter for over 20 years. 
 They told us at the end of class, “At first, we only came because we felt 
 obligated since we know you and we wanted to support what you were doing, 
 However, to our surprise, with this course [PAIRS Essentials] we were able to 
 resolve some issues that we have been carrying with us for over 25 years.” 


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