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The Office of Catechetical Ministry has trained facilitators to teach the various curricula offered in Spanish and English. There are some programs that serve as an introductory course. For example, PAIRS Essentials can serve as an introductory class to Mastering the Mysteries of Love. It is important that we continue to select high quality curricula, and offer high quality training to instructors at the Diocese level. We currently have five approved curricula that teach communication skills…

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Love’s Sacred Embrace | The Joyful Experience of Sacramental Marriage

What does it mean to practice humility in our marriage?

In Fr. Adam’s homily last Sunday he reflected on this virtue and I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week.  One of the first thing that comes to mind as I reflect on my own humility (or Iack thereof) as it relates to marriage is that famous letter from Paul to the Corinthians.  Love is many things but when practicing humility in our love we must be honest about our own weaknesses.  It’s easy to fall into a pattern of judgment within our marriage.  For example, he didn’t do that.  She is mad at me for no reason. This fight was his/her fault.  I think we can all agree that this is not the love and humility that God asks from us when He calls us to the Sacrament of Marriage…

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Vatican Prelate Emphasizes the Need for States to Promote Marriage and the Family | Catholics For The Common Good

…To provide what I hope are some useful guideposts, I would like to expand my discussion to four separate areas, drawing on certain sociological studies promoted by the Pontifical Council for the Family.

First, the couple and marriage. The fact of getting married constitutes an added value for persons and for society, in that the marriage contract enhances the quality of the relationship of the couple and has important positive consequences biological, psychological, economic and social for children and adults. Simple cohabitation is not equal to marriage because it renders relations unstable and creates major uncertainty in the lives of children. Divorce itself or the choice of single parenthood increases the risk of school failure for children. The stability of family relations is a precious good, and when it is lacking, all members of the family are at risk. In particular, marriage stability is decisive for the successful socialization of children. Divorce, as well as birth outside marriage, increases the risk of poverty for children and mothers. Stepfamilies, reconstituted families and blended families experience many problems with respect to relations between the new parents and the children of their former unions.

On the other hand, marriage, between a man and a woman, generates benefits that other forms of “living together” do not. Those other forms are just not the same as marriage….

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento – Marriage Enrichment

Husband and wife, called to live out their divine vocation as a “domestic church,” can find support and strength in several established organizations and programs.


The Office of Family, Youth and Young Adults serves as an advocate for marriage enrichment.  Marriage is a covenant or partnership of life between a man and a woman, which is ordered to the well-being of the spouses and to the procreation and upbringing of children.  When validly contracted between two baptized people, marriage is a sacrament (matrimony).  (CCC 1601)

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Marriage and Family: A Major Theme for Pope Benedict XVI « For Your Marriage

“Falling in love is a wonderful thing,” Pope Benedict XVI told the World Meeting of Families last spring in Milan, Italy. However, the pope described falling in love as the start of a couple’s journey, not its highest point. Something “more wonderful still” awaits the couple, he said. Responding to a question asked during a June 2 “evening of witness” in Milan by an engaged couple from Madagascar, the pope said: “I often think of the wedding feast of Cana. The first wine is very fine: This is falling in love. But it does not last until the end: A second wine has to come later, it has to ferment and grow, to mature. “The definitive love that can truly become this ‘second wine is more wonderful still; it is better than…

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