4/19 Catholic Marriage-Building Innovation Roundtable is cancelled

Ayres Hotel & Suites Ontario Convention Center, 1945 East Holt Blvd.  Ontario, CA  91761

 (800) 248-4661 

image April 19, 2013, 9am-4pm

DRAFT Agenda

9:00am  Welcome, Who are we, and What wants to happen…a Story of St. Francis

9:45am  Marriage-Building Conversation I:  “Challenges facing California’s families, its Churches, and our society…and what Californians are saying about it” (input and facilitation by Lorrie Gramer and Bill Coffin)

10:30am  Coffee Break

10:45am  Marriage-Building Conversation II:  “Supporting and invigorating marriages and families as Church…a pastoral initiative meant to make a difference” or “This isn’t a ‘nitch’ ministry anymore!” (input and facilitation by Lorrie    Gramer)

12:00 Lunch

1:15pm  Marriage-Building Conversation III:  “Turning Hopes into Realities…getting rid of the Good Luck Charm message in Marriage Ministry” (input and facilitation by Bill Coffin)

2:30pm  Break

2:45pm   Marriage-Building Conversation IV:   “Next steps”

4:00pm   Conclusion

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