Young peoples unbelief linked to media, home life

Parents who want their children to have strong Faith must demonstrate it in their own lives, experts say

By Emily Stimpson – OSV Newsweekly, 5/12/2013

For Joshua Schwartz, the questions have become routine. Do you believe todays young people compared to twenty years ago areMore religiousLess religiousAbout the sameOnline Surveys by “How can we believe in God when there’s so much suffering?” “Is the Church opposed to science?” “Do we have to think the world was created in six literal days?”

The teens asking those questions belong to the youth group Schwartz leads at All Saints Catholic Church in Dallas. But the questions don’t originate with the youth group attendees. They originate with the teens’ secular peers, peers who, according to Schwartz, are evangelistic in their fervor for leading other teens away from the Faith.

That fervor is a problem. A bigger problem is that many of those unbelieving teens sat in parish pews just a few years ago. They attended religious education classes, received the Sacrament…

via Young peoples unbelief linked to media, home life.

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