Faith and Fatherhood | Fathers for Good

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan

Introduction: Dads in Deed, by Brian Caulfield

1: The Prodigal Son Meets the Forgiving Father, by Mike Aquilina

2: St. Joseph: A Man’s Man, by Rick Sarkisian

3: Balancing Work and Home Life: Insights from the Experts, by Brian Caulfield

4: Five Steps for Disciplining Kids, by Ray Guarendi

5: Good Sports for Kids, by Gerald Korson

6: A Father’s Vital Presence, by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

7: The Best Sex You Will Ever Have, by Jonathan Doyle

8: Theology of the Body for Fathers, by Damon C. Owens

9: Millennials, Morality, and New Evangelization, by Jason Godin

10: Superdad: More Than an Action Figure, by Bill Donaghy

11: You Can Keep Your Kids Catholic, by Patrick Madrid

12: Repairing a Broken Marriage, by Peter Kleponis

13: Breaking the Chains of Porn, by Mark Houck

Conclusion: Three Simple Steps, by Brian Caulfield

via Faith and Fatherhood | Fathers for Good.

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